How to Shoot A Wrist Shot in Ringette
The ACTUAL 3-Step Technique for Raising the Ring

Online Video Instruction Program


Armed with this 3-step shooting technique, you will be able to become the reliable shooter and goal-scorer you were always meant to be.

You will score top shelf goals…get on the power play…get oodles of passes in the offensive zone…build your confidence…and be a go-to shooter on your team.

If you’re a coach, you will be able to turn your players into consistent wrist shot shooters virtually overnight, giving your team the kind of unfair advantage most coaches only dream about.

Best of all, you will be able to consistently shoot a wrist shot instead of fanning on your shot without ever knowing why.


Dear Friend,

Without a doubt, one of the most critical skills you can learn in ringette is to raise the ring.

1You can be the smartest, quickest, and most agile player out there, but if you cannot raise the ring off the ice, you will only score a fraction of the goals you deserve.

I’m speaking from experience. When I was young, my Dad insisted I practice my wrist shot in the garage (he’d offer me bribes like a skateboard and it worked).

Not to brag or puff myself up, but thanks to Dad, before long I could raise the ring quite easily.

And, much to my surprise, I could virtually score at will. Why? Because unlike the other players my age, the goalies never knew if I was going to shoot low or high…so I had them at my mercy.


The Problem


hot_spot_5The problem, of course, is that most players cannot raise the ring at all, or if they can raise the ring, they can only raise it occasionally.

This makes them very frustrated – so frustrated they don’t want to practice the wrist shot, which only makes the situation worse.

That’s why in my new online video instruction program, How to Shoot a Wrist Shot in Ringette, you get a step-by-step blueprint on how to raise the ring.

If you’re a player, this program will solve the “mystery” of how to raise the ring consistently once and for all.

If you’re a coach, this program will give you the exact recipe for turning all your players into wrist shot machines – easily. It’s the “lazy coach’s way” to wrist shot success.

When you order How to Shoot a Wrist Shot in Ringette, here’s exactly what you get:

  • The three little-known mistakes players make when gripping their stick that make raising the ring virtually impossible
  • How to determine the perfect stick length for you that will make shooting a wrist shot a breeze
  • A video overview of the ACTUAL 3-step technique for raising the ring easily and consistently
  • The mechanics of the specific wrist motion that leads to raising the ring off the ice and how to internalize it fast
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to avoid the #1 error that prevents you from raising the ring (let your competition be victim to this)
  • The precise drills and exercises you need do today that will have you raising the ring consistently before you know it

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