Ringette Team Goal Scoring Drill eBook

How to Double Your Team’s Goal Scoring in One Season

In this hot-off-the-presses drillbook, you will get a step-by-step blueprint on how to:

  • Select the team goal-scoring offensive strategies and system that is perfect for your team and league
  • Teach the elements of your goal-scoring system so your players can actually EXECUTE it and score (including awesome drills that your players will love)
  • Sell the strategy to your players so they buy in and use it in games for superior goal-scoring and WINNING.

Most players, when they get the ring in the other team’s end, slow down, skate in a big circle, and then stand there, like a deer in headlights.

Then they either get checked or shoot and hit the goalie.

While this is going on, the other forwards are usually standing still because they have no idea what to do (or how to do it).

In the Ringette Team Goal-Scoring Drill Book, you’ll learn exactly how to teach players to create the best possible team scoring chances.

This resource makes it absurdly easy for you to teach team goal-scoring strategies, plays and systems FAST.

The best part is that you’re not going to have to repeat, cajole, or bribe your players to use these strategies and plays. They are “no brainers” that your team will love to learn and use.

The brand new Team Goal Scoring Drill eBook has:

  • 85 pages of strategies, systems, plays and drills you can use to take your team to levels of goal-scoring prowess you never imagined.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to develop your offensive system.
  • Drills to stimulate offensive zone and goal-scoring creativity, including how to create options that engage the entire line, not just one player.
  • Drills to perfect offensive zone passing, including how to get the forwards to set up in the right place and make quick passes to break down the triangle.
  • Drills for stunningly effective offense zone free passes that generate deadly scoring opportunities.
  • Drills that teach players their “jobs” in their offensive zone so they are all involved and contributing
  • Drills that teach players to communicate with each other like a Vulcan mind-meld on the ice
  • An overview of each offensive skill, strategy, and system so you know exactly why you’re teaching it and the keys to executing it
  • The purpose or why behind each drill so your players will happily do it.
  • Variations on drills so you can customize them for your team’s age and skill level and keep the drill fresh!
  • Easy, concrete explanations and diagrams for exactly how to run each drill
  • A common “errors explanation” for drills so your players can avoid these mistakes (let your competition make them)

Here is just a sample of what you’ll get:

Offensive Systems

  • The two key offensives systems every ringette team must perfect
  • When to use which strategy based on your weaknesses and opponents
  • How to teach each strategy to your team
  • How to get your athletes to actually USE the strategy in games

The Quick Pass Offense

  • What the quick pass offense is and when you should use it the ‘break’ the triangle
  • How to get your all your players to use the quick pass offense
  • 7 drills that teach quick passes, accurate passing, proper timing when passing and receiving the ring, positioning in the offensive zone (where to skate in relation to the ring carrier), quick shots from down low and up high.
  • How to screen the goalie effectively
  • 4 games to teach players the quick pass offense

The Dynamic Offense

  • What the dynamic offense is and when you should use it to break the triangle
  • How to get all your players to use the dynamic offense
  • 12 drills that teach ring movement, offensive players, proper timing, positioning in the offensive zone, and much more
  • Fakes to get around defenders on 2 on 1s and 1 on 1s
  • Passing accuracy drills
  • Angles and cuts needed to break down the defensive triangle
  • How to pull a defender to you to create a gap in the triangle
  • How to set picks in the dynamic offense


  • The key to shooting accuracy for all athletes
  • The two ingredients to taking smart shots
  • The best place on the ice to shoot from
  • 3 drills that teach players how to be a threat to score in the offensive zone

This e-book is intelligently priced at $27 USD*. One drill or teaching tip in this book could make your team a winner, not to mention catapult your players to the next level of goal-scoring expertise.

This e-book is going to give you a blueprint for practices and cut hundreds of hours off your prep time.

The Ringette Team Goal Scoring Drill Book is going to take the frustration out of trying to get your athletes to play as a team in the offensive zone.

GONE will be athletes who skate around with the ring until they get checked by the other team.

GONE will be athletes who stand around in the offensive zone, hoping for a pass.

GONE will be the days when you want to throw a water bottle because your team cannot break the defensive triangle.

Best of all, GONE will be the days you can’t score and your team loses because your players don’t know how to be a great offensive unit.

You can download the Ringette Team Goal Scoring Drill Book immediately and be reading it within minutes.

Note: The Ringette Team Goal Scoring Drill Book is an ebook.

An e-book is the same as a regular book except that it is delivered electronically to you. You download it, save the book on your hard drive, and print it out whenever you want to.

This means you can use new drills at practice tonight!

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