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How To Improve Your Skating Stops and Starts in Ringette Using These Key Drills

Your first job is to train your body to get into your most balanced and powerful position. Too...

How To Create High Energy Ringette Practices

Here are four easy ways to create super-intense, high-energy practices that will pump up players....

What Skills Should U10 Coaches Be Teaching?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the coach of U7 or U10 athletes is introducing the...

#1 Rule for Creating Sweet Scoring Chances in Ringette

I learned a rule in my second year of Junior AA that every ringette player should know. Ready? "If you receive the ring over the offensive blue line, ALWAYS drive to the net." We call this rule, “Drive and Thrive.” You may not always shoot, but you should always drive...

Steal This Killer Ringette Team Breakout Pattern

Steal This Killer Ringette Team Breakout Pattern Since ringette is a possession game, 50% of your success will come from having your breakout mastered. If your team can break out of your own end well, you will: Maintain possession of the ring Control the pace of the...

How to Be Amazing in the Defensive Triangle

At any given time in the defensive triangle, each defender has a specific job. Each player remains in her area and plays one of three roles: “ring”, “support,” or “talk.” We call this system “Angle the Triangle” because what you are doing is keeping a perfect angle on...

#1 Tip for Scoring Goals in Ringette

The world’s best ringette snipers have a “secret” they all us consistently to score. It’s this: Get as close to the net as possible (without going in the crease) before shooting. At, we call this “getting to the Goal Hole.” Consider the following...

The Secret to Lightening Speed in the Net

Without a doubt, skating is the master skill of ringette. If you become a slightly better skater, you will become a MUCH better ringette player. This is also true for goalies. As you perfect your basic stance, your t-pushing, your telescoping, and your shuffling, you...

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