Ringette: The QuickBreak Offense

New ebook from Gary Brown

Would you like a strategy for creating ten to twenty breakaways per game, with a prime scorer taking the shot?

How about a strategy for getting your forwards 10 more shots per game?

Or one to beat teams with superior skating skills than yours?

If so, welcome to Quick Break Ringette…a radical new method for creating scoring excitement, opening up ringette, and helping you win.

(When I say radical, I’m not kidding–this book is not for the faint of heart. I know, because my Dad wrote it. Do not order this book if you are seeking a re-hash of traditional offensive techniques or are easily offended).

The philosophy behind the Quick Break offense is simple: unlike hockey, the sport of ringette allows for head-manning rings. In fact, it is built on head-manning rings. Why not use this fact to dominate games?

The Quick Break Offense e-book features over 68 pages of strategies, methods, and tactics for you transform your team into a goal-scoring machine. You will learn:

Quick Break Vs. Conventional Ringette

Deking, Faking, and Shaking a Defender

  • The proper grip for the wrist shot
  • The wrist motion for wrist shot
  • The #1 reason athletes struggle to raise the ring
  • How to create more power in the wrist shot
  • The best technique for creating accuracy in wrist shots
  • Disguising your shot to fool goalies
  • The most common ‘breakdowns’ in wrist shot technique
  • Selecting a goaltender’s weak spots
  • How deking and faking fit into the QuickBreak attack
  • Shooting techniques your forwards must AVOID on the QuickBreak offense
  • Scoring angles your shooters can use to freeze
  • How to ‘pin’ a goalie on her short post and open the net for goals
  • Specific moves and techniques for shaking a defensive check
  • The philosophy behind QuickBreak ringette
  • The key differences between QuickBreak vs conventional ringette
  • What to expect when you teach QuickBreak ringette to your players

Offensive Strategies

  • A special attack sequence when you need a goal at the end of a game
  • Tips and tricks on using picks and screens

Playmaking & Positions

  • How two attackers can work together to produce a masterful breakaway and score
  • How to create scoring opportunities for your center in the Quick Break attack
  • The ‘give and go’ and how to incorporate it into the Quick Break for maximum resultsHow to create scoring opportunities for your center in the Quick Break attack
  • The ‘give and go’ and how to incorporate it into the Quick Break for maximum results


  • The role of your defenders in the Quick Break attack – simple Do’s and Dont’s
  • Exactly how the Quick Break offense neutralizes your opponent’s backchecking ability
  • Why the QuickBreak offense may be the best defense you have!

The Quick Break Attack

  • The basic QuickBreak attack – the fundamental breakout play to create breakaways
  • How to put your players into roles in the Quick Break based on their skills
  • Exactly where to place your forward in the Quick Break attack
  • How to teach Quick Break to your team in practice

I have bought Gary Brown’s books and have found them to excellent. Gary has a tremendous amount of experience from Ontario, to Alberta, and now BC. He is also the father of two world champions, Cara and Lisa Brown.

In Gary’s book he covers the basics very thoroughly. I especially liked his analysis on what to look for in a player in every position. Even more thought-provoking is Gary’s prediction of what he believes will be the future of Ringette, “the stretch offence”. Whether it turns out to be true or not, time will tell, but Gary has laid out his case in a very persuasive and logical way. If you wish to coach Ringette at the highest levels, this is a book you absolutely must read.

- Peter Noah, Lower Mainland Ringette League, Coaching Director

Gary’s years of experience with ringette provide him with a unique insight into the game. His ideas, plays & strategies are a ‘must read’ for any coach wanting his players & team to go to the next level.

- Paul Hotke, Coach, University of Alberta Ringette

Ringette: The Quick Break Offense is just $34 plus GST. To sweeten the deal, I’m going to add the following FREE BONUSES:


How to Develop a Killer Wrist Shot

This Mastermind installment for coaches shows you how to teach the wrist shot to bunny all the way through belle aged players. It includes video clips, drills, and a practice plan. It also gives you an off ice shooting program your players can use to develop killer wrist shots at home.

You’ll also receive insider, pro tips on shooting high percentage shots based on the goalie’s most vulnerable spots.


What Every Ringette Sniper Needs to Know

This Mastermind installment shows you advanced sniper strategies directly from Lisa Brown including drills for practice plans, diagrams, and video clips. Once you learn the basics of goal-scoring, to take yourself the next level, you must be privy the advanced sniper secrets.

You will learn:

  • The mindset of advanced goal-scoring and how it translates to shooting prowess
  • The difference between good vs. expert shooting angles
  • A little known, rarely used skill for blowing by defenders
  • How to work with your teammates to create new scoring chances
  • What do to when you don’t have the ring to create the next goal for yourself
  • How to skate in “threatening” patterns that lead to goals


Steal Team Finland’s Secret Weapon

This Master Mind installment for coaches reveals one of the central tactical strategies behind Team Finland’s breakthrough scoring punch: the L-Offense. You will learn:

  • What the L-Offense is and how you can use it to move a defensive triangle out of position
  • The specific pattern your forwards need to learn to execute the L-offense
  • How to teach the L-Offense to your team, including 2 complete practice plans
  • 13 drills to reinforce the L-Offense with your forwards
  • BONUS section: neutral zone free pass plays to gain possession in the offensive end

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You download it, save the book on your hard drive, and print it out whenever you want to.

This means you can use your new offense at practice tonight!

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