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It’s ironic.

You can’t win championships without a red-hot goalie, but she’s often the most neglected player in practice.

The Ringette Goalie Drill E-book will train your goalie to steal games for you all season.

The Goalie Drill book features over 39 pages of proven drills for the following key goaltending skills:

  • Mastering the basic stance, the most fundamental aspect of goaltending
  • Understanding movement in the net, including proper body positioning
  • Stonewalling low shots
  • Denying the high shots
  • Recovering and setting up for the next shot
  • Advanced rebound control to steer the ring to safety
  • Distributing the ring with laser-like precision

The brand new illustrated Goalie Drill eBook has:

  • 39 pages full of killer drills to turn your goalie into a virtual wall
  • Movement and positioning drills, rebound control drills, shooting drills, drills promoting quick recovery
  • Movement and positioning drills, rebound control drills, shooting drills, drills promoting quick recovery and ring distribution drills
  • The purpose of each drill and exciting variations to keep drills fresh
  • Detailed descriptions and explanations of how to set up and run each drill
  • Straightforward drill diagrams that you can print out and take to practice with you

Here are the exact drills you get in the Ringette Goalie Drill eBook:


Great goaltending starts with the fundamentals. The drills in this section will ensure that these key principles of movement and stance are second nature for your goalies. There are drills on:

  • Maintaining unshakeable balance in the ‘toilet’ position
  • Keeping the stick firmly on the ice while moving side-to-side and back and forth
  • Mastering the skill of shuffling in the crease
  • Improving stance by maintaining a “quiet” upper body


Goalies use the butterfly save to stop low shots. The drills in this section promote:

  • Perfect technique for getting in and out of the butterfly
  • Ensuring that your goalie is as big as possible with her pads
  • Avoiding incorrect stick placement
  • Maintaining control throughout a sliding butterfly
  • Quick pad movement and lightening reflexes


These drills will train your goalie to rob the other team’s sniper. They will give your goalies practice in:

  • Strong, fundamental glove positioning
  • Upper body awareness and quick reflexes
  • Goaltending with an aggressive mentality, challenging shooters


The best goaltenders in the world instinctively know how to find their ‘sweet spot’ in net. Teach your goalies to recognize the optimal position in the net for all the saves. Your goalies will practice:

  • Crease awareness and how to self-correct their position
  • Maintaining position while telescoping forwards and backwards
  • Angle management to reduce a shooter’s free space


A goalie must recover when she goes down and then set up quickly for the rebound. This section contains drills to:

  • Force goalies to work on a quick and effective recovery
  • Help your goalie get off her knees, bum or belly as quickly as possible
  • Promote the side-to-side recovery crucial to making saves on odd-woman rushes
  • Telescope and turn to make saves
  • Improve on hugging the post
  • Master taking away passes from behind the net


These drills teach your goalie to direct rebounds to safety and supercharge your breakout with a quick pass. They emphasize:

  • Directing the ring safely into the corners
  • Smothering the ring and eliminating the rebound completely
  • How to throw the ring with laser-like accuracy
  • The art of hitting a moving target
  • Deciding where to throw the ring

This e-book is just $27 USD*. It is chock full of drills to keep your goalies pumped at practice, improving every time they practice, and peaking at the right time.

Too many coaches suffer from lack of personal experience in the goaltending department. They spend most of the practice wondering, “Is the goalie getting enough attention?”

The Ringette Goalie E-book will ensures that your goalie will never be neglected again. These drills ensure she is working on the exact skills she needs to shine when the team needs her most.

You can download the Goalie Drill Book immediately and use it at practice tonight!

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I want to make this a true ‘no-brainer’ for you, so I’ve included 2 irresistible bonus gifts:


Killer Offensive Plays for Playoffs

This installment is about helping your team come into your last games of the season with a couple of surprise ‘secret weapons’. As a bonus for purchasing the Goalie Drill book you will learn:

  • Two ideas for creating golden scoring chances as a team
  • Two aggressive offensive free passes designed to generate goal scoring opportunities
  • Five dynamite strategies for the last 2 minutes of that “must win” playoff game


Explode Your Transition Game

Transition is definitely one of the most important parts of ringette. In fact, it is at least 50% of the game. Master this aspect of the game and you are well on your way to a winning season. This installment outlines player roles on both the breakout and the forecheck:


  • The key to distributing the ring as a goalie and acting as the beginning point of a successful breakout
  • How a defender should protect the ring, make lead passes and support the ring
  • A forward’s role in creating space through lateral movement
  • Where a center should be to be defensively responsible and still create passing options


  • The importance of “marking” as a defender
  • Create turnovers by coordinating the first and second forecheckers
  • The center’s role in a successful forechecking scheme

Note: The Ultimate Ringette Drill Book: Goalie Edition is an ebook.

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