The Ultimate Ringette Drill eBook: Volume 2

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Volume 2 – NEW Ultimate Ringette Drill E-Book

Volume 2 gives you 86 MORE killer, surefire drills that will electrify your practices, inspire your players, and crush the competition.

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Volume 2 builds on the original The Ultimate Ringette Drill Book. It gives you ALL NEW drills for ringette fundamentals & conditioning PLUS:

  • Flow drills to get your athletes skating and moving the ring at high speeds
  • Advanced offensive drills, including 3 vs. 3 scenarios
  • Power and agility skating drills for efficient strides, edges, starting and stopping
  • Progressive defensive drills with a focus on channelling and marking players

The brand new illustrated Volume 2 Ultimate Drill eBook has:

  • 86 NEW advanced drills and strategies you can use to take your team to levels you never imagined
  • Includes: power and agility skating drills, conditioning drills, flow drills that emphasize passing and receiving, shooting drills, and distinctive goal-scoring drills
  • The purpose or why behind each drill
  • Variations on drills so you can customize them for your team’s age and skill level, from bunnies to open players
  • Easy, concrete explanations and diagrams for exactly how to run each drill

Volume 2 includes

Cool Games

The Games section has 14 games that trick your athletes into having fun while dramatically improving their skills. Get your players to internalize:

  • Building a wall with their body to protect the ring
  • Basic footspeed
  • Agility and balance on skates, especially using edges
  • Accelerating with the ring
  • Finding open ice and passing to an unmarked player
  • How to skate with a quiet, efficient forwards stride
  • Shooting hard and with accuracy
  • Lead passing while skating fast
  • Stabbing the ring
  • When to pass the ring (not to hold onto it too long)
  • Basic ice awareness

Plus, you will also learn:

  • How to add variety to warm ups
  • Keys to a successful warm up
  • How to use the entire ice surface
  • What to do with goalies during warm ups
  • Why games may be the most important part of practice
  • Why and how games promote learning
  • How to add intensity to games for older athletes

Explosive Skating

Above all else, ringette is a game of speed. You should spend 30% of each practice on skating. The skating section of Volume 2 includes 16 drills that emphasize:

  • Maintaining an efficient stride while tired
  • Strengthening the upper body AND cardio fitness
  • How to pivot without losing speed
  • Tricks for enhancing their balance on their edges
  • Developing a powerful, effective stride
  • Master the crossover technique
  • Stopping and stopping ‘on a dime’ for maximum agility
  • Acceleration and agility in close quarters

Exciting Flow Drills

Flow drills get your athletes skating and moving the ring at high speeds. These drills transform your players’ passing, receiving, and shooting skills, skyrocket the pace of practice, and promote fitness. Volume 2 has 14 flow drills that stress:

  • Making accurate lead passes while skating at top speed
  • Perfecting your team breakout patterns
  • Pass accuracy and receiving the ring at high speeds
  • Protecting the ring under pressure and forechecking
  • Skating to the middle of the ice under pressure (not to the boards)
  • 2 vs. 1, 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 0 scenarios
  • Snagging the ring while skating towards it ‘full tilt’
  • Adding chasers to drills to crank up the intensity of practice
  • Competitive goal-scoring situations
  • Decision-making – train your players to THINK at top speed!

Laser-Like Shooting

Too many athletes ‘go through the motions’ on shooting drills. They shoot to finish the drill, not to score! Volume 2 eliminates this problem and provides 15 shooting drills on:

  • Executing screen shots
  • Finishing shots under pressure from a checker
  • Taking QUALITY quick release shots
  • Shooting from the ‘Hot Spot’
  • Scoring on breakaways — with a chaser!
  • Burying the ring while in close
  • Mastering the ‘one-time’ shot
  • Shooting cleverly while skating across the crease
  • Receive the ring in a small space and fire it under pressure
  • Reading the goalie’s weakneses

Advanced Goal Scoring & Offensive Tactics

This section will help your players bury the ring with the help of teammates by giving them practice in:

  • Attacking the triangle 3 on 3 in the offensive zone
  • Creating speed and scoring chances in the offensive end
  • Improvising on basic offensive patterns
  • Moving and getting to the Hot Spot as a unit
  • How to set up teammates
  • Skating when you DON’T have the ring in the offensive zone
  • 3 vs 2 power play practice
  • 4 vs 3 power play practice
  • Using a teammate to move the goalie

Awesome Defence

This section gives your athletes practice channeling forwards away from the net, marking their checks, and stepping up in the defensive triangle. It includes:

  • Introduction to gap control
  • 1 vs. 1 – controlling the gap at high speeds
  • Angling the forward and forcing her to skate a pattern you want
  • Practice defending the 2 vs. 1
  • Backwards skating practice to improve gap control
  • Stepping up in the defensive triangle properly

This e-book is just $35.25 USD*. One drill or teaching tip in this book could make your team a winner, not to mention catapult your players to the next level of ringette expertise.

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The Ultimate Ringette Drill Book is going to take the drudgery and frustration out of practice both for you and your athletes.

GONE will be athletes who roll their eyes when you ask them to skate the circles again.

GONE will be athletes who show up late or skip practice altogether.

GONE will be the days when you rack your brain for a way to freshen up practice.

Best of all, GONE will be the days you can’t seem to fix the reason why you are losing. Losing, lack of confidence, and fighting on teams is caused by the fact that your team hasn’t mastered the fundamentals as well as another team. You can fix this now by getting this master resource and putting it to work for you.

You can download the Ultimate Ringette Drill Book immediately and be reading it within minutes. Click here to download immediately. Or, call us at 403-261-2726 to order.


I want to make this really easy for you, so I’ve included 2 irresistible bonus gifts:


Insider, Pro Secrets for Superior Individual Checking Skills

Ringette, like many sports, is a possession game. If you can get and keep the ring, you will have a better chance of scoring, and more importantly, winning. Checking is a tough skill to master both individually and as a team. In this installment, we will show you how to instill superior individual checking skills in your players.

Here’s what the installment includes:

  • Advanced individual checking strategies that will turn your players into fierce checkers
  • How to "Rainbow" check and sweep check your opponents
  • How to avoid reaching for the ring with the "Awareness Approach"
  • A full suite of body positioning drills to improve your player’s gap control and angling


What Every Ringette Sniper Needs to Know

You’ll immediately download an installment from our Master Mind Membership called,
‘What Every Ringette Sniper Needs to Know’.

Here’s what the instalment includes:

  • How to develop the "I’ll do whatever it takes to get to the Hot Spot mentality" in your players.
  • Specific practice drills that reinforce this aggressive mindset and style of shooting.
  • How to turn a 1 on 3 situation into a 1 on 1 opportunity
  • How to penetrate the defensive triangle using teammates
  • Which skating patterns to use to set yourself up to score

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