The Ultimate Ringette Drill eBook

You asked, we listened.

Over the years, hundreds of coaches have asked me, Where can I find teaching methods and drills that WORK

So I went into my swipe file or should I say cabine and pulled out 14 years worth of drills.

Then I spread hundreds of drills on the floor and ranked them from best to worst.

By the end of a week, I had narrowed them down to 112 fun, demanding drills that transform players skills FAST.

I then painstakingly wrote down the keys to teaching the skills taught within the drills.

The result is a revolutionary new e-book designed to make it easy for you to teach ringette without the 14 years of trial and error I’ve suffered through.

The brand new Ultimate Ringette Drill eBook has:

  • 137 pages of drills and strategies you can use to take your team to levels you never imagined
  • Drills for warm ups, individual scoring, defence, checking, transition, skating, lead passing, receiving the ring, timing, shooting, ring protection, one on ones, and games
  • An overview of each skill so you know exactly why you’re teaching it and the keys to executing it
  • The purpose or why behind each drill
  • Variations on drills so you can customize them for your teams age and skill level and keep the drill fresh!
  • Easy, concrete explanations and diagrams for exactly how to run each drill
  • A common errors explanation for drills so your players can avoid these mistakes (let your competition make them)

Warm Ups

  • Keys to a successful warm up
  • Warm ups designed to build conditioning in your athletes
  • How to add variety to warm ups
  • How to use the entire ice surface
  • What to do with goalies during warm ups
  • 6 intense warm up drills that will captivate your athletes


  • Why games may be the most important part of practice
  • Why and how games promote learning
  • How to add intensity to games for older athletes
  • When to use games in the seasonal plan
  • 22 exciting games that promote skill development in players


  • How to get your athletes interested in skating drills
  • Exactly what to say to create a vision for skating skills
  • 15 skating drills that promote speed, acceleration, agility, crossovers, and backwards skating

Timing(Receiving the Ring)

  • Why players miss the ring in ringette
  • What your players must focus on in every passing drill
  • 8 passing drills and variations to improve your players timing

Lead Passing

  • How to teach your athletes to pass to a moving target
  • The #1 mistake players make when passing
  • 9 passing drills that will automatically make your players better

Ring Protection

  • What most players think ring protection is and why they’re wrong
  • The most common errors players make when they have the ring
  • 3 easy steps to simplify ring protection for your athletes
  • 6 drills that will ensure your team owns the ring


  • The key to shooting accuracy for all athletes
  • The two ingredients to taking smart shots
  • The two ingredients to taking smart shots
  • 15 shooting drills for mastering one-time shots, quick release shots, shooting angles, quick shots in close, and breakaways

Goal Scoring

  • The difference between being a good shooter and being a goal-scorer
  • The myth about scoring goals that kills most forwards confidence
  • The ONE thing every goal-scorer must be supremely aware of to score
  • 9 goal-scoring drills that will help your players master scoring tricks-of-the-trade

1 vs. 1 Battles

  • Learn the two separate skill sets that make up one-on-one battles
  • Discover the core skill defenders must master to keep forwards away from the net
  • Learn the trick forwards must master to get around defenders
  • 7 drills to dramatically improve your team’s 1 on 1 skills CHECKING
  • The simple, yet crucial, link between checking and goal-scoring
  • Learn the two skills that make a player a great checker
  • Find out what each player's exact job is on the forecheck
  • 7 checking drills you’ll want to copyright for your team only hahaha


  • The difference between the defensive triangle and defensive support
  • The 2 biggest mistakes defenders make in their own zone
  • 7 drills to teach the defensive triangle and support in practice

Transition Game

  • The real purpose behind a top-notch transition game (it’s not what most coaches think)
  • The 2 mistakes teams make that cost them dozens of goals in a season
  • The secret to a killer transition game
  • 5 proven transition drills to simplify and maximize your team’s system

This e-book is intelligently priced at $44.25 USD*. One drill or teaching tip in this book could make your team a winner, not to mention catapult your players to the next level of ringette expertise.

This e-book is going to give you a blueprint for practices and cut hundreds of hours off your prep time.

The Ultimate Ringette Drill Book is going to take the drudgery and frustration out of practice both for you and your athletes.

GONE will be athletes who roll their eyes when you ask them to skate the circles again.

GONE will be athletes who show up late or skip practice altogether.

GONE will be the days when you rack your brain for a way to freshen up practice.

Best of all, GONE will be the days you can’t seem to fix the reason why you are losing. Losing, lack of confidence, and fighting on teams is caused by the fact that your team hasn’t mastered the fundamentals as well as another team. You can fix this now by getting this master resource and putting it to work for you.

You can download the Ultimate Ringette Drill Book immediately and be reading it within minutes. Click here to download immediately. Or, call us at 403-261-2726 to order.

The Defensive Triangle Blueprint

I want to make this really easy for you, so I’ve included an irresistible bonus gift:

You’ll also get an immediate download of our special supplement, ‘How to Master the Defensive Triangle’.

There’s no doubt about it, defence wins championships.

This supplement will show you how to master team defence so you can stonewall other teams.

Here’s what you get in your special supplement:

– The 3 types of defensive triangles
– What the Compact Triangle gives and takes away from the opposition
– How to teach your team the Compact Triangle
– When to use the Compact Triangle
– What the Push Up triangle gives and takes away from the opposition
– How to teach your team the Push Up Triangle
– When to use the Push Up Triangle
– How to teach your team the Aggressive Triangle
– What the Aggressive Trianglegive and takes away from the opposition
– When to use the Aggressive Triangle
– Common mistakes in the defensive triangle and how to fix them

Turn your players into scoring snipers

I want to make this really easy for you, so I’ve included an irresistible bonus gift:

You’ll immediately download an installment from our Master Mind Membership called, ‘Turn Your Players into Scoring Snipers’. It will show you how to increase your players’ chances of scoring more than 200%!

Here’s what the installment includes:

– An introduction to teaching “individual goal-scoring” in practice
– How to teach your players to score by themselves on the defensive triangle by turning a 1 vs. 3 into a 1 vs. 1!
– Lisa Brown’s exact method for scoring on a triangle 1 on 3
– How to teach your athletes where “Hot Spot” is on the ice so their shooting percentage dramatically increases
– How to deke the pants off the goalie so she is hopelessly out of position
– 6 drills to help your team perfect their scoring skills

Note: The Ultimate Ringette Drill Book is an ebook.

An e-book is the same as a regular book except that it is delivered electronically to you. You download it, save the book on your hard drive, and print it out whenever you want to.

This means you can use new drills at practice tonight!

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Light it up out there,
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