"How to Be a Speed Demon in Ringette"

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In “How to Be a Ringette SPEED Demon,” you will master the skill of skating to become the fastest player out there.

When you are the fastest, most agile skater around, you will naturally catapult yourself to the top and become the fiercest, MVP all-star player you were always destined to be.

Every ringette player knows that SPEED really is that powerful. It’s a simple fact that SPEED is the most potent weapon any Ringette player can have. And once you have it, you can dictate the play.

Using SPEED, you can blow by defenders, create killer scoring chances, and score goals.

Using SPEED, you can chase down and check defenders before they shoot. You can also carry the ring out of your end with ease (no matter who is checking you).

Using SPEED, you can win every foot race and absolutely own the ring.

Never again will you have to worry about standing by, helpless, as forwards race past you and score. Never again will you feel like you “can’t” score because there is always a defender or a triangle in front of you. Never again will you suffer the shame of getting to the ring last.

When you become a SPEED demon, you’ll get your pick of positions, be voted MVP, lead the league in goals, and balloon your confidence larger than Taylor Swift’s Twitter following. Teammates, coaches, and fans will finally give you the recognition you deserve.

If you’re a coach, your team will be able to get and keep the ring, ensuring that you will emerge victorious from any challenge.

In fact, you’ll be able to transform ALL your players into remarkable players by handing them the ultimate tool for performance: SPEED. Nothing intimidates other athletes and teams like SPEED.

Dear Friend,

Did you know that Sam Jacks created the sport of ringette to purposely highlight the strengths of females?

Rather than focusing on brute strength and size, Sam focused on two key things: speed and teamwork.

That’s why being a good skater is the best physical asset you can have. In other words:

To become a 10% better skater is to become
a 50% better ringette player.

The bottom line?

If you want to succeed in Ringette, you must learn how to skate with SPEED and AGILITY.

That’s where we come in.

In “How to Become a Ringette Speed Demon: Ringette Skating Mastery,” we give you a proven system for skating mastery.

You will discover how to become a true “speed demon” so you can skate at top speed while carrying the ring, passing the ring, checking, and shooting.

This program is also perfect for coaches. Many coaches understand that skating is the single most important skill your athletes can learn for ringette. Yet, it’s the toughest skill to teach in practice, because most athletes either dread learning about skating or already think they know it all.

That’s why we’ve included drills and instructions on how to teach this skill every practice while electrifying and inspiring your players.

NOTE: This program can be used by all players ages 6+ and coaches of all ages and levels.

Here is exactly what you’ll get in the “How to be A Ringette Speed Demon” Ringette Skating Mastery program:

Power, Speed, Agility & Acceleration

  • You will master the art and science of balance and how to use it to create massive energy and power into every movement. This will dramatically improve your stride and ensure that every part of your body is pushing you where you want to go with astounding efficiency
  • Learn the #1 acceleration secret of the world’s best skaters – including the technique these speedsters use in practice to give you the agility you need to create incredible momentum on your skates
  • Clutch secrets on the specific the body positioning you need to gain power and supreme agility at all times, complete with drills for creating fluid movement on your skates
  • How to build your stamina, strength, and endurance every week so you can check, pass, and shoot without becoming easily fatigued

Starting & Stopping

  • Learn how to stop on a dime so you can mark and shut down anyone you are checking, no matter what is going on the ice
  • Discover how to execute a T-start, a crossover start, a v-start, and how to best use them for maximum speed. [Your ability to leave players in the dust will completely floor you!].
  • When to break into high speed from a stop [Hint: whenever you pick up the ring is the perfect time to do this, yet most players tend to hesitate and glide around]

Crossovers & Edges

  • The deceptively simple 3 step method for perfecting edges, enabling you to perform crossovers with ease
  • Exactly how and when to use speedy crossovers to create fast breaks that will break open the game for your team in seconds
  • Master the difference between big crossovers and small crossovers so you can maintain stability on your skates while revving up to top speed
  • A specific exercise to practice crossovers that is designed to build your muscle memory so you can execute them perfectly without ever thinking about it

Backwards Skating

  • How to skate backwards FAST. [Hint: almost every player will “bob” up and down while skating backwards, which is not efficient skating. By eliminating this, you will put yourself in the top 1% of backwards skaters.]
  • A shockingly easy 1 step method for skating backwards with superior balance, allowing you to mark your check AND see the entire play at the same time, making you the smartest player on the ice
  • The adorable “Hollywood movie” drill for developing exceptional backwards C-cuts that your players will BEG you to do every practice!

Drills for Teaching Skating Mastery

How to Be a Ringette Speed Demon” also includes numerous drills for you to use when teaching each skill. It’s really a paint-by-number system that will erase your planning workload so you can do what you do best, which is coach!

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You will discover how to skate with total power and agility, how to snag more passes, how to make accurate lead passes, how to become a ninja ringette sniper, how to master your defensive game, how to coach players to do all these things, and more.

I’m going to give a one month free subscription as a bonus just for trying out my system.

If you love your subscription (and I know you will) you’ll be and elect to stay in, your credit card will automatically be charged just $14.99 USD* at the end of 30 days and you’ll be sent an e-receipt. This way you need not worry about renewals or missing any new online trainings, videos, or other special events. You can cancel anytime you want – no questions or hassles.

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