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Lisa Brown’s
Dominate the Pack
Summer Ringette Instruction
& Conditioning Camp

August 29 – September 2nd, 2016
Fairview Arena Calgary, AB

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This camp is now FULL for skaters.
You can still register if you are a goaltender.

Note : We have added a 3 day camp option for $239.
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13 On Ice Sessions
Ringette Technical & Video Sessions
Off Ice Shooting Instruction
Mental Toughness & Teambuilding
Fitness & Conditioning Training

summer2What: A five day ringette instruction and conditioning camp for players ages 6 to 17 years of all skill levels. Players will be placed in the most tightly matched groups possible according to their age, level, experience, and friend requests.

Where: Fairview Arena, Calgary

When: Monday to Friday, August 29 – September 2, 2016.

How Much: The Early Bird fee is $359 plus GST. The fee after May 1, 2016 is $397.

Dear Friend,

If you seriously want to get better this summer, then join us at our NEW Dominate the Pack instruction and conditioning camp. Dominate the Pack is full to the brim with NEW strategies for excellence that will ignite your true talent, electrify your passion for ringette, trigger your athletic intelligence…point you to overlooked, hidden talents in your game, hand you ready-to-use and incredibly powerful strategies for dominating competitions…one way or another, making you better than you ever thought you could be.


Let me check off some of the specific, most important “secrets” definitely taught at Dominate the Pack:

  1.  You’ll discover exactly how to score goals more often.
  2.  You’ll discover exactly how to prevent the other team’s forwards from getting a good shot on your net.
  3.  You’ll discoverexactly how to shoot from the “goal hole” or “hot spot” with our three patented moves.
  4.  You’ll learn how to be more agile and powerful on your skates.
  5.  You’ll discover how to snag more passes and deliver deadly accurate ones.
  6.  You’ll learn how to “own” the ring while coming out of your end.
  7.  You’ll learn the most effective patterns to skate to break out of your end.
  8.  You’ll discover and practice how to get a great wrist shot.
  9.  You’ll uncover how to create massive confidence in yourself before playing a game.
  10.  How to develop lightening fast reflexes (goalies)
  11.  How to distribute the ring with accuracy (goalies)
  12.  The secret to lightening quick speed in the net (goalies)
  13.  The one key to perfect positioning in the net (goalies)

Here are the exact curriculum details:

U7 and U9

Game Fundamentals

  • The basics of each ringette position (defense, forward, and centre) are explained in scrimmage situation
  • How to work together with your teammates in different zones, passing over blue lines and spreading out on the ice
  • Rules of ringette de-mystified
  • When to change shifts

Speed and Agility Skating Methods

  • The core technique and positioning for getting and staying balanced on the ice
  • How to ensure maximum power our of your stride
  • Getting comfortable with your inside and outside edges for agility and balance
  • Discover the secret to stopping on a dime

Accurate Lead Passing Techniques

  • The fundamental technique to making accurate passes
  • Secrets and practice to hit a moving target every time

Flawless Timing (Receiving the ring)

  • A simple formula for mastering your timing and picking up the ring
  • Drills to practice snagging the ring while stationary, skating, and being marked
  • How to keep yourself balanced to receive the ring

Powerful Shooting Skills

  • The most deadly shot in ringette that even bunnies can do (it’s not what you think)
  • Why some players hit their target while others don’t
  • Wrist shot basics (including repetitive practice)
  • Backhand shot introduction
  • Individualized coaching on your shot off the ice
  • Where and how to practice your shot away from the rink



Secrets of Deadly Accurate Passing and Receiving

  • 2 types of passes you must avoid at all cost (or risk losing the ring)
  • Perfect positioning AFTER you’ve passed the ring to maintain possession
  • Becoming a ring magnet with expert skating patterns


Sniper Goal-Scoring Moves

  • The 3 ways to out-smart, out-deke, and out-maneouvre goalies
  • Secrets to increasing your confidence around the net and scoring more goals
  • The simple breakaway strategy 98% of snipers use
  • What type of shots score the most goals
  • Lisa Brown’s method for gaining that killer instinct around the net!


Intimidating Defensive Tactics

  • Backwards skating techniques to ensure forwards will never get behind you
  • Practice body positioning and timing to channel attackers away from the net
  • Basic triangle positioning and practice in scrimmage

Superior Ring Control Methods

  • When to pass vs. skate out of trouble all over the ice
  • How to maintain the ring through heavy checking with speed and strength
  • Continuous practice accelerating the moment you receive the ring


In The Trenches Skating SkillsMethods

  • Mastering your edges for agile crossovers
  • How to use your upper body to produce an explosive forward stride
  • Explode from a dead stop and accelerate your speed easily



Million Dollar Goal-Scoring Tips

  • Release your shot quickly for maximum effect
  • Practice working with teammates to effectively attack a triangle and score
  • Learn when to shoot , pass and crash the triangle in the offensive end
  • A little-known method for using your speed to terrorize goalies


Explosive Defensive Tactics

  • How to work smartly with your partner to get the ring out of your own end
  • Patterns to skate on the ice to prevent yourself from getting checked
  • How to block shots effectively and use your speed to create turnovers


Brainchild Checking Techniques

  • When to check another player
  • The correct body and stick positioning to set yourself up for checking success
  • Correct 2 simple errors you commonly made when checking
  • How to work with a teammate to steal the ring from opponents
  • Proper body positioning during, and after your big check
  • Learn the most efficient recovery after you miss a check to get back on track

Skate Faster With Less Effort

  • Fundamentals of efficient, powerful skating (forwards and backwards)
  • In depth agility practice to enhance your acceleration and lateral movement
  • Game-like practice starting with explosion and stopping with precision

U14 and U16 (Advanced Strategies)


Terrorizing Goalies

  • How to work with teammates to create scoring chances for yourself
  • The key to setting up and scoring on one-time shots
  • Mental preparation and tactics that high pressure goal-scorers use
  • Proper positioning when crashing the triangle on your own

Stuffing Shooters On Defence

  • Effectively marking your check in the neutral zone so she never gets the ring
  • Mastering when and how to step up and block a shot for your goalie
  • Advanced triangle positioning in game-like settings


Speed, Speed, Speed

  • Perfect your backwards motion and power and increase efficiency
  • Continuous practice accelerating the moment you receive the ring
  • Master the quick first step and more tricks to elude your check

Advanced Ring Control

  • When to pass vs. skate out of trouble all over the ice
  • Advanced defensive support: How to work smartly with your partner to get the ring out of your own end and through the neutral zone
  • Where to skate when you have the ring to prevent yourself from getting checked


Goaltending Mastery Program

The Dominate the Pack Goaltending Program will show you exactly how to excel between the pipes for your age and experience level.

You will learn time-tested techniques that will develop you into a well-rounded, “pressure” goalie who can quarterback her team to victory.

You will receive on ice instruction on goalie skating, timing, positioning, and distributing the ring.

You will also receive specific coaching on how to stop specific shots: low shots, high shots, one-time shots, and quick release shots.

You will discover the fundamentals of all the major saves: one pad saves, two pad saves, the butterfly, and skate saves. You will also receive on off training to quicken your reflexes and accurately distribute the ring.


Camp Format

This event is a ringette school and conditioning camp rolled into one fun-filled event! Here are the details:

  • You will get significant instruction every day on ring skills and skating
  • You also get off ice conditioning each day to get you ready for ringette season
  • You will receive instruction on mental toughness, nutrition, team-building.
  • You will have an enormous amount of fun, because you learn more when you’re having fun

What Else Is Included

Here’s what else you can expect each day:


  • High tempo agility warm ups with motivational music
  • Pre-ice flexibility sessions to prepare you for ice sessions and prevent stiffness all week
  • Pre-ice chalk talks with instructors to mentally prepare you for ice (and make you laugh)
  • Exciting agility and power skating lessons designed to make you skate like the wind
  • Ring skills sessions made up of drills that absolutely transform you
  • Daily scrimmages with unique rules to bring out your ringette genius
  • Special off ice “mystery events” with your favourite instructors
  • Teambuilding activities for non-stop laughing and lasting friendship
  • Office shooting sessions where you learnwhere and how to shoot backhands, sliders, and wrist shots
  • Mental toughness sessions where you can balloon your confidence
  • Video viewing sessions where you learn from the best players in the world
  • Dominate the Pack jersey!


We’ve assembled the ‘pick of the litter’ instructors for your camp this summer. These ladies all have significant ringette experience and represent a wealth of knowledge on ringette excellence and they are coming with the sole purpose of inspiring you, supporting you, and helping you unlock your athletic intelligence…which is why I recommend you register immediately.


Abbey Hoes, Camp Director

Details on Age Divisions & Groups

We are accepting players in the following age groups: U7, U9, U10, U12, U14, U16. We will place you in a group based on your age, years of ringette experience, Step placement (1-3), level (A, B, C,) and friend requests. We are experts in placing athletes on teams and will ensure you are challenged on the ice and socially happy off the ice.


Here Are Your BONUS Gifts for Attending Dominate the Pack


A Veritable Mountain of Insider, Pro Ringette Information
Retail Value $39

I have set aside the following Free Reports for you:

  • How To Attract the Ring Like A Magnet
  • Double Your Goal-Scoring
  • Stepping Up in the Triangle – A Killer Strategy
  • Killer Goaltending Secrets



The Courage to Win in Sport – Perform Your Best Under Pressure Online Training Program
Retail Value $47.00

You get immediate access to this online training program, which reveals the amazing mental toughness secrets of superstar athletes, giving you the kind of unfair advantage you’ve only fantasized about until now.



Dare to Dazzle in Your Most Important Ringette Games Ebook – Retail Value $14.99


In this Ebook, you’ll learn what the very best ringette players do to come up big in provincial, national, and world championship finals.


The Most Incredible Ringette Giveaway EVER Ringette Video Training Course – Retail Value $69.95.

summer19 This ringette video training course includes three sessions: “How to Be A Fierce Checking Machine,” “The Top 10 Defensive Strategies of all Time,” and “Ninja Sniper Moves for Terrorizing Goalies.”

Quotes from the Co-Founders

Lisa Lane Brown

Dominate the Pack will give you all the fun, skills, friendship and glory you could ever imagine in ringette. This is not hype – it’s a promise. We’ve packed 40+ years of experience into creating it for you, with love.

Lisa Lane Brown Ringette Guru And Co-founder
Laura Warner

I never dreamed it was possible to cut years off a player’s learning curve in ringette, until now.

We’ve designed a program that will give you time-tested, proven strategies for improving your skills virtually overnight. See you there!

Laura Warner Ringette Guru And Co-founder

“And, To Ice the Cake, An Unbelievably Sweet Guarantee!”

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our program, we will give you a credit to use at our next event. No tricks or hassles. I only dare to do this because I’m certain you will benefit tremendously.


What are you waiting for?

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This camp is now FULL for skaters. You can still register if you are a goaltender.

Note : We have added a 3 day camp option for $239.
Click here to sign up for August 29, 30 and 31 only.

PS – Here are some quick FAQs:

Q. What are the fees?

The Early Bird fee is $359 plus GST. After May 1, the fee will increase to $397.

Q. What is the daily schedule?

A good rule of thumb is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. However, we will send you a more exactly schedule about one month prior to the event.

Q. Will you help my daughter get dressed for ice?

Yes, we will have ample staff to help her so you can go to work and not worry.

Q. What are your policies?

Cancellation/Refund policy For any cancellations made before June 1st, 2016, original deposits of $100 per athlete will be retained as an administration fee. Any additional fees will be refunded in full. There are no refunds on or after June 1st, 2016, except for medical reasons. An official doctor’s certificate is required in such cases.

Payment Plan Policy If you chose the payment plan option, an initial non-refundable deposit of $100 will be followed by two equal installments to complete your payment for camp. The 2nd and 3rd payments go through automatically at 30 and 60 days respectively after the day of purchase. For example: You have purchased a U10 Camp at $359+tax in Calgary, AB. The initial payment will be for $100 + Tax. Thirty days after this payment a 2nd transaction will occur automatically for $129.50+tax. Then, thirty days after this payment a 3rd transaction will occur automatically for $129.50. The 3 payments are equivalent to the early bird rate until April 1st. The “Installment Payment Plan” option is only available until June 1st, 2016.

Privacy We may take photos and or video during camp. This footage may appear on promotional materials and on our website as well as in our information products like DVDs and drillbooks. If you have any concerns please contact us

Q. Do I need my own equipment?

Yes, you need to supply your own equipment, unless you are a goalie, in which case we might be able to assist you.

Light it up out there,