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What If You Knew How to Shine In Your Most Important Games?

A Special Invitation for You: Lisa Brown and Laura Warner’s NEW E-book Dare to Dazzle in Your Biggest Games This Season!

Dear Ringette Friend,

If you want to play your best ever this year, our new ‘Dare to Dazzle’ e-book can change your ringette destiny.

Here’s why: you’re going to learn what the very best ringette players do to perform their best under pressure.

But not just any champions: you’re going to learn the secrets of champions who have come up big in provincial, national, and world finals.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

Achieving Maximum Confidence Under Pressure

  • What your competitors are thinking in ‘big’ games that makes them nervous (and how YOU can be different)
  • How to stay calm, cool, and collected when you make a mistake
  • What it means to be in ‘the zone’ and how to create it for yourself
  • How Lisa Brown pulls herself out of scoring slumps
  • What to think about during big games to bring out your best
  • How to dwell on your personal strengths and build your ringette confidence
  • Exactly how to respond when the other team scores

Preparing To Play

  • How to ‘psyche up’ for big games by understanding the power of focus
  • Movie star Jim Carrey’s visualization technique you can use to program yourself for success before you play
  • A surprisingly easy method for goal-setting that will relax you before pressure games
  • 3 simple, yet little known methods for boosting your confidence before the game starts
  • The ONE mental mistake you MUST avoid when getting ready to play a final

Becoming A Leader

  • How lead your team even if your teammates are discouraged
  • How to gain the trust of your teammates (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Olympic speed skater Susan Auch’s method of using positive rivalries for bringing out the best in yourself
  • How to accept yourself so it is easy to support your teammates
  • Why praising your teammates will make you and your team better (and exactly how to do it)
  • A guaranteed way to build trust on your team so everyone plays better (including YOU)
  • The biggest mistake you can make when dealing with your teammates and how to avoid it

Dealing With Problems And Setbacks

  • A foolproof strategy for overcoming mistakes in games
  • A technique for identifying the stressors that bother you in big games (and how to prepare for them)
  • Lisa Brown’s key realization about what to focus on during important games that transformed her mental toughness
  • How to recognize if you are trying ‘too hard’ or ‘not enough’ in big games and what to do about it

Coming up big under pressure is tough, and unless you have a plan for how to do it, you risk ending up disappointed.

In ‘Dare to Dazzle’, You Get Lisa Brown and Laura Warner Revealing Everything They Do To Be Successful In Finals

Lisa Brown scored the winning goals in the 1990 and 1992 World Championships; got the MVP in the 1996 World Championships; and led her team to gold medals in 9 National Championships, including 2001.

Laura Warner has personally led her teams to gold medals in the 1995 Canada Games final, the 1998 and 2004 Canadian Championship finals; the 2002 National final of the Finnish National league; and the World Championship in 2002.

In ‘Dare to Dazzle’, Lisa and Laura reveal the key mental strategies they used to produce these results and you can do the same.

What’s more is that once you have ‘Dare to Dazzle’, it’s yours for life! You can come back to the material regularly and watch yourself transform into a true ‘pressure’ player.

What is an ‘e-book’?

An e-book is exactly like a regular book, except that instead of getting it in a bookstore, you save it as a file on your computer. It comes in PDF format, which means it will work for you whether you have a PC or a Mac computer.

Just save it to your hardrive, and you can be reading it in just a few minutes! You can print it out for yourself or read it right onscreen.

Who is the book for?

The Dare to Dazzle e-book is perfect for players from ages 10-20.

What if you coach?

As a coach, you can use the information in ‘Dare to Dazzle’ to prepare your team for playoffs. It’s chock full of mental toughness assignments that you can give your team (you will not need to adapt the material whatsoever).

Money-Back Guarantee

The book is only $14.99 and completely guaranteed with a full refund if you are not satisfied with it. The best part is that you can be reading it in just a few minutes!

You’ll Save A Fortune

Lisa Brown has been a mental toughness coach for thousands of Canada’s national and Olympic level athletes in sports such as curling, ice hockey, softball, basketball, golf, luge, tumbling and trampoline, and ringette.

If you attended one of Lisa’s mental toughness training for sport seminars, it would cost you at least $300. If you used Lisa for one on one mental toughness coaching, the fee for four weeks would be $800 and up, because her hourly fee is $200. You get Lisa and Laura’s prize strategies for only a tiny fraction of these costs!

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