The Ringette Beginner Drill eBook

Amazing Beginner Ringette Drill Book Allows You To Create Confident, Skilled U7 to U10 Ringette Players While Slashing Your Workload by 60% This Season!

Last year I accepted the job of coaching my four year old daughter’s soccer team, despite knowing nothing about soccer. Within a week, my excitement had turned to dread.

“What on earth am I going to do in practice?”
“What if I get asked a question I can’t answer?”
“How am I going to keep them motivated?”

I had forgotten the obvious:


  • Coaching is difficult even when you KNOW a sport. When you don’t, it can be downright intimidating.
  • Very young athletes are the most challenging athletes to coach. They are very sensitive emotionally and have no idea how to practice a sport. They need a very special brand of guidance and motivation.

That’s why we’ve created the Ringette Beginner Drill Book coaching athletes U10 and under. Our goal is to make your job ten times easier AND ten times more enjoyable.

The brand new Beginner Ringette Drill eBook has:

  • A list of the exact skills you should be teaching this season. (One of the biggest mistakes coaches make is trying to teach too many skills or too advanced skills. Our list will end all that).
  • 44 pages of drills and easy to follow instruction on how to teach these ringette fundamentals to U10 and younger.
  • Drills for warm ups, skating, receiving the ring, lead passing, shooting, ring protection, and checking.
  • An overview of each skill so you know exactly why you’re teaching it and the keys to executing it
  • The purpose or “why” behind each drill
  • Easy, concrete explanations, videos and diagrams for exactly how to run each drill
  • A “common errors” explanation for drills so your players can avoid these mistakes (let your competition make them)


  • Why games may be the most important part of practice
  • Why and how games promote learning
  • How to add intensity to games for older athletes
  • When to use games in a practice

Power Skating

  • Basic stance, stick grip, and stick length
  • How to get your athletes pumped up about skating drills
  • The Power Position for getting maximum power when skating
  • 21 skating drills and games that promote speed, mobility, power, and acceleration

Skating Agility: Edges, Tight Turns, Crossovers, Starting and Stopping

  • How to make agility drills FUN and MOTIVATING
  • The Awareness Approach for getting athletes to correct their skating mistakes without you having to do it
  • 14 drills and games that will double your players’ agility in one season

Backwards Skating

  • Why most players struggle to skate backwards properly and how to cure this
  • How to take the mystery out of skating backwards so it is fun and easy
  • 4 core drills and games that will automatically enhance your players’ backwards skating skills

Picking Up the Ring

  • Why players miss the ring in ringette
  • What your players must focus on in every passing drill
  • 8 passing drills and variations to improve your players’ timing

Lead Passing

  • The #1 mistake players make when trying to pass accurately
  • 9 passing drills that will automatically make your players better at aiming their passes
  • Why lead passing is the backbone of your team’s ring possession

Carrying & Protecting the Ring

  • What most players think ring protection is and why they’re wrong
  • The most common errors players make when they have the ring
  • 3 easy tactics for awesome ring protection
  • 7 drills that will ensure your players “own” the ring


  • Why accuracy will guarantee your players’ and team’s success this season
  • The #1 strategy that ensures phenomenal shooting accuracy (that no young athletes are using)
  • 7 shooting drills that every ringette player and goalie LOVE


  • The little known key to making a successful check that all players MUST learn
  • How to use checking to give your players confidence and success as a team
  • 8 checking drills and games that make young players drool with excitement (ha ha ha)

Motivation & Confidence

  • What REALLY motivates very young female athletes
  • The masterful verbal strategy that will make your players hang off your every word
  • The surprisingly effective method for teaching ringette skills that only 1 in 1,000 coaches know about

The Ringette Beginner Drill book will ensure that you bring out your best in your players this season, give you a blueprint for practices, and cut hundreds of hours off your prep time.

It will take the dread out of practice both for you and your athletes.

GONE will be the players who twirl in the corner when you’re trying to get them to do a drill.

GONE will be parents who constantly drop “suggestions” about what you should teach and how you should teach it.

GONE will be the days when you rack your brain for a way to freshen up practice.

Best of all, GONE will be the days you can’t seem to get your players to improve. Low confidence and morale on teams is caused by the fact that your players want to get better at ringette but have no idea how to do it. You can fix this now by getting this master resource and putting it to work for you.

FREE 30 Day Trial of the Ringette

I want to make this really easy for you, so I’ve included an irresistible bonus gift:

The Ringette MASTERMIND membership will put you in the top 3% of ringette coaches and players everywhere by taking you inside the secret black box strategies of champions. It is “The Place” that will catapult you to ringette excellence — and winning – week in and week out.

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You will discover how to skate with total power and agility, how to snag more passes, how to make accurate lead passes, how to become a ninja ringette sniper, how to master your defensive game, how to coach players to do all these things, and more.

I’m going to give a one month free subscription as a bonus just for trying out my system.

If you love your subscription (and I know you will) you’ll be and elect to stay in, your credit card will automatically be charged just $14.99 USD* at the end of 30 days and you’ll be sent an e-receipt. This way you need not worry about renewals or missing any new online trainings, videos, or other special events. You can cancel anytime you want – no questions or hassles.

Your investment for The Ringette Beginner Drill Book is just $27 USD*. It is a true no-brainer.

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This means you can use new drills at practice tonight!

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