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By Lisa Brown and Laura Warner

Dear Coach,

Imagine getting up on a Sunday morning before ringette practice. You have a leisurely breakfast and then casually log on to your computer.

You receive a practice plan showing you exactly how to run your afternoon practice. Today, your players will learn:

  1. How to double their goal scoring, including how to score by themselves on the triangle AND AND
  2. How to deke the pants off the goalie so she is hopelessly out of position.

You then read Laura Warner’s answer to the question you sent her last week: Two of my players are fighting about the fact that one of them is not passing. What do I do?

She gives you the exact recipe for solving this problem.

You silently yell Yes! and pump your fist in the air. Your prep time for this practice was all of 12 minutes but your players will be collecting gold medals by the end of next weekend.

You don’t have to imagine this

It can be the reality of your season this year. For years, Laura and I have been helping coaches build ringette champions, and we can help you too.


I’ve had the most amazing success this year using your techniques! My daughter’s team is advancing to the Provincials this year and her confidence and skating ability are at record highs! She is on a large team and did not see much ice at the beginning of the season. She decided she would take what you taught her and push it to the limits each time she was on the ice. She is now the player they call on for power plays and penalty killing lines.

You and your staff have fulfilled her dreams… and it doesn’t stop there.

I myself have taken what I saw at your ringette school and what I read in your confidence bulletins and applied it in my role as Assistant Coach on a Belle A team. This team had to withdraw from even trying the provincial prelims last year because they lost so much! I thought this would be the team to try out some of your techniques with.

Well… they went from 8th place to a three way tie for 2nd. They forced the 1st place team to a tie breaking game to see who would go to the Provincials. Your program has helped me as a coach and I strongly urge you to market it as a tool for coaches. I thank you and your staff one more time for the great work you do for players and coaches.

Yours in ringette,
Robin Mahy (Hamilton)

Lisa Brown’s Master Mind Coaches’ Membership

When you sign up for my Master Mind Coaches’ Membership, you gain automatic access to a secure version of the Ringette Retreat website. By using your personal user name and password, you can sign in to the secure version of our website whenever you like.

Just click on the “Coaching” link on the left hand menu.

In this Coaches Only area, each month, you will receive an online edition that features insider, pro tips on turning your players into stars. I’m also going to give your team systems that will give you the EDGE against any team.

I’m talking about a resource that hands you everything you need to teach your athletes ringette’s most fundamental skills and systems. You’ll also receive warm up ideas and fun games so coaching is a labour of love, not a draining hassle.

Here’s a sample of what you might learn in the first 6 months alone:

(We cover a new topic each month. The information you receive
will depend on when you join the membership.)


  • 4 drills that will get your players scoring from the Hot Spot, the best place to shoot from in ringette
  • Step by step instructions for teaching your players to hit the net using the miracle of Quiet Eye
  • My exact method for scoring on a triangle 1 on 3 (plus drills to teach it to your team)
  • Deking progressions and drills that will get even your most defensive players scoring!
  • Where to shoot on goalies for maximum scoring success
  • The attack pattern most teams use in the offensive end and why it almost never works
  • Offensive plays that make your forwards a constant threat (while letting them keep their creativity)


  • Simple practice tips to improve your players balance
  • NEW ways to teach starting and stopping that will get players doing it on their own without thinking
  • Over 6 ways to teach crossovers that the kids will love (no more boring skating around the circles)
  • The secret to backwards skating excellence and how to incorporate it into drills
  • How to teach your players quick feet and explosive acceleration so they can escape from checkers FAST


  • The #1 reason breakouts DON’T work and how to keep your team from falling into this trap
  • 3 easy breakout patterns that will allow your team to OWN the ring over both blue lines
  • How to practice breakout patterns when you only have ½ the ice to work with
  • Laura Warner’s trick for getting away from defenders on the blue line so your forwards get an immediate breakaway scoring chance
  • The 2 mistakes defensive partners CANNOT make while bringing the ring out of your end and how to condition your defence to avoid them


  • The latest strategies for the defensive triangle (really, you can literally make your goalie’s crease an impenetrable fortress¦like Alcatraz hahaha)
  • The difference between a compact triangle and an aggressive triangle in their positioning and WHEN to use each of them
  • EXACTLY when your players should leave the triangle and chase for the ring and how to condition them to do it
  • Why your triangle breaks down and how to correct it


  • Easy to use passing drills that catch the imagination of your players and keep them engaged
  • Practice games to improve your players timing so they can snag the ring easily over the blue line
  • Creative full ice drills that force your players to give each other perfect passes
  • Find out the exact patterns your players need to skate to make picking up the ring EASY for themselves
  • Discover the areas of the ice your team should NEVER pass to


  • Checking practice drills that bring out aggressiveness in your players
  • Learn the secret that made Lisa Brown the most feared checker in ringette
  • Advanced techniques for trapping the ring carrier and setting up a stea of the ring


  • You’ll get over 50 NEW drills you can use to teach the concepts I’ve just described
  • How to make your practices FUN for girls (they’ll hate to leave the ice!)
  • The #1 mistake coaches make in practice to lower their players confidence (it’s not what you think)
  • Lisa Brown’s revolutionary method for teaching that will improve your players every time they step on the ice
  • What to say in practice to pump up your players

And much, much more!

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Over the course of this ringette season, the coaching staff of the Tween AA team, of which I am a part, referred to a number of “lessons learned” from your emails. The “L” pattern for getting open was just what we needed to help teach our girls to give and receive better passes.

As the year went on, the coaching staff felt we still were not progressing as well as we would have liked. I decided to invest in the “How to Be a Ringette Star” system.

We showed our athletes the lesson on Goal Scoring. We developed a simple drill that helped them understand that goals are scored from the “Hot Spot”. We incorporated these techniques into almost every practice for the rest of the season.

Suddenly players that had barely scored all year started going to the net and scoring. And our big scorers were finishing more consistently. It was incredible!

To make a long story short, with your help, our team peaked at the perfect time. We won Gold at the Provincials and the Eastern Canadian Championships.

Thank you to Lisa and Laura!

Bryson Lamble (Nepean)

Now, I want to make it absolutely painless for you to participate.

A true no-brainer.

So I’ve decided to bury you in ethical bribes, just to get you to test-drive the Master Mind online membership.

So, for just $14.99 USD* per month, I will put you in my Master Mind membership, e-mail you a complete Welcome Kit, including a collection of bonuses worth hundreds of dollars! — and you’ll participate in all Master Mind benefits, including FREE consulting from Laura Warner, the works.

You do NOT need to commit or pay for one or two years.

Instead, we’ll simply automatically charge your credit card for just $14.99 USD* on the 1st of every month, and send you a receipt with each month’s edition.

And you can cancel at any time, with 30 days notice.

This means you hold my feet to the fire every month to provide really valuable, practical how-to information and plans you can use NOW to transform your players. We have to deliver the goods. Or you cancel. It’s that simple.


Super Bonus #1:
E-Book: 9 Exciting Ringette Warm Ups You Can Steal!

Ringette Warm Ups Bonus

Have you ever gotten onto the ice totally psyched for practice only to realize your warm up was stale?

Ringette is an intense, physically demanding game. Your players need to be physically and mentally ready to go, or even the best practice plan will flop.

Not only that, but a new warm up is the easiest way to keep your practices fresh.

This exciting book of warm up ideas will overcome your players resistance to practice and get them in exactly the right frame of mind to enjoy practice.

You’ll be able to use these warm-ups right away with ease. Each one will take you no more than a couple of minutes to learn… some of them can even be run by your athletes if they are at least 9 years old!

Super Bonus #2:
E-Book: 11 Games That will Balloon Your Team’s Trust Level

Ringette Games Bonus

As you know, trust is MAGIC on every team.

The more your team trusts each other, the more fun (and success) you’ll enjoy.

You’ll get 11 games that you can play with your team that are guaranteed to create bonds between players. They’ll ensure that every player has at least one friend on the team.

I have personally tested and used each of these games with players ages 6-18. They WORK. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they are proven methods for boosting the trust on any team.

Super Bonus #3:
Lisa Brown’s E-Book: Dare to Dazzle at Your Playoffs

Ringette Dare to Dazzle Bonus

One of the toughest things to pull off in any season is a great performance in the playoffs.

Coming up big under pressure is tough and unless you have a plan for how to do it, you risk ending up disappointed.

The difference between finals and other games is simple: everyone is just a little more nervous in finals.

BUT: What if your players KNEW how to shine in the most important playoff games of the year?

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Dare to Dazzle:

  • The 1 mental mistake you MUST avoid when getting ready to play a final
  • 3 simple, yet little known methods for boosting your confidence before the game starts
  • How to identify your biggest strengths and use them during the playoffs
  • How to stay calm, cool, and collected when you make a mistake
  • Exactly how to respond when the other team scores
  • How to stay aggressive so you totally fluster the opposition
  • How to be a leader on your team even if your teammates are discouraged
  • How to cope with a disappointing game so you come back stronger than ever next game!

Put simply, this book reveals what the very best ringette players do to perform their best under pressure.

You can read the book yourself and teach the ideas to your players, or simply email them a copy and they can soak up the ideas on their own.

Super Bonus #4:
Session Plans: How To Make Your Players Mentally Tough

Ringette Mental Toughness Bonus

The Truth About Mental Toughness Training

The truth about mental training is that you’re doing it all season long with your athletes anyway. This is because athletes learn their mental skills during practices and games, not in a classroom.

As the coach, you are the ONE person who can make the greatest impact on how your athletes cope with setbacks, problems, and challenges in competition.

Now you can give your team a solid mental training program this season by investing only 3 extra hours with your players…and I’m going to gift you with the session plans to do it.

Here Are the Session Plans You’ll Get:

  • How to develop a solid pre-game psych up routine with your players
  • How to develop your players personal confidence in practices and games
  • How to help your players deal with setbacks, losses, and disappointments in competition

You will get complete session plans in “How to Make your Players More Mentally Tough” so you can start running these sessions immediately!

Super Bonus #5:
FREE E-Coaching with Lisa Brown

Your investment in this program will get you FREE email coaching consultation ($150 value) with Lisa Brown EVERY month. Lisa has helped hundreds of coaches develop championship teams.

You will be able to consult with Lisa each month on a specific challenge you are having as a coach. She will work exclusively with you on your situation because she is committed to your success. Her 30+ years of elite competing experience will hep you resolve any coaching program you may be facing.

If you’re well-organized, you can conquer a mountain of issues with Lisa in a short time frame!

Super Bonus #6:
Lisa and Laura’s Famous Confidence Bulletins

You’ll get back issues of Lisa and Laura’s famous Confidence Bulletins, which are used around the country by players and coaches to take their game to the next level. Here are just a few examples of recent issues:

  • Master Your Checking Game
  • How To Turn Yourself Into A Ring Magnet
  • How To Get Your Team A Fast Break
  • Killer Goaltending Secrets
  • Double Your Goal-Scoring Today

All these bonuses are downloadable. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or a PC. You’ll be able to receive all the bonus gifts and access your monthly editions anytime you can get to a computer!

Hi Lisa and Laura,

Well, I think we did it! In preparation for our first game last weekend, I ran the girls through your channeling drill that enforces the importance of keeping the opposition away from the Hot Spot. At first, I had the defence practice being “too far away from the forward. The attackers had about a 60% success rate (our goalie is fantastic!). Then they practiced being “too close to the forward. The defence were consistently being passed by the attackers. This time the forwards success rate was higher since they were on breakaways! Finally, our defence practicedjust right. The forwards success rate was way down and the defence were really able to push the attackers out so they had to make a bad angle shot.

Then the true test came – our first game. By the end of the first period it was 4 0…FOR US! These girls completely shut down the opposition forwards by pushing them away from center ice and into the corners! I could not believe it! In the end, the score was 13 3. Our team continually made them shoot from the blue line or from the corners.

I AM A BELIEVER! I’ll keep you posted on future successes. Thanks again for all of the guidance and help!

Marshall Sidey


You get EVERYTHING I just described for $14.99 USD* per month.

And I will absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction in two ways.

ONE: if, after getting your Welcome Kit, bonuses, and first edition of the Master Mind Coaches Membership, you do not wish to continue for any reason just notify us within 30 days for a full refund of your $14.99 USD*. No questions, no waffling, no hard feelings. I know you’ll be impressed. And enthused. And eager to apply some of the information immediately. But you’re the judge, jury and executioner. If you’re not, send it all back, cancel, we refund your $14.99 USD*, and you have no further obligation whatsoever.

TWO: You have NO continuous commitment either. You can cancel at any time.

You also get to keep ALL the bonuses (minus Lisa’s free consulting) for your trouble. This is the very best guarantee I can give in fact, the next time you return something to a store, ask them if you can get a refund and still KEEP the merchandise. I think this is the best guarantee you’ll find, period.

Hello Lisa,

The information provided by this tool has been such a valuable asset to our program. By incorporating many of the ideas provided, we have been able to build our Belle A program to the point where our team ended up in a 5 way tie for first place in Round Robin action at the Ontario Provincials this past season. (it may not seem like much but we only had 3 Belle age players on the team¦the rest were Juniors!) In addition 5 of our players have recently been successful in earning a position on the Northeast Region AAA team.

Thanks so much!

Joe D’Angelo, Ringette Coach

Let’s Wrap This Up

Here’s How to Join my Master Mind coaches’ membership

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Your transaction is secure your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

The whole process takes just a few minutes. Once it is complete, you will be asked to create a user name and password. You will use these to log in to the Coaches’ Only version of our website.

Each month, to collect your coaching nuggets of wisdom, go to the Master Mind Coaches’ Membership section of the Retreat website and enter your code. You will be immediately taken to a private version of our website, where you will click on the “Coaching” link on the left hand menu bar.

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p.s. Check out this special success story I received recently:

This year I decided to take on the Tween B team with a couple of other dads.

We had 4 returning girls and 5 first years. We had to have an athlete “age advanced” so we could have a team of 10. At first, the athletes would sit in groups on opposite sides of the room. We played the usual get to know me games and started our season with the plan to learn, have fun and improve.

We started out really badly and were not playing as a team.

Using the coaching information you provided I started a binder for each player and sent them e-mail reminders on ways to change and improve. I made posters for the dressing room.

Then one e-mail struck me with some success. I understood that I needed to work more on their self-esteem, get more team play and for me to calm down! As a group we could be stronger than the individuals that were emerging.

I started asking the girls what they thought we needed to do and what we were doing well. I gave them team time before each game to talk about what they wanted to do this game. I showed your video often.

They broke down the game into playing their best on each shift, winning each half and the game wins started to follow. We had won 2 tournaments and were 4th in league play.

We met to start playoffs saying we were only going to worry about the things that we were in control of. I got calm behind the bench and everyone was more calm to play. We beat the first place team who we could not solve all year and continued to the final game for the city championship!

Before the final we talked about who we wanted to win the game for. I asked them if they wanted to play for this person and I had a mirror in my bag so they could see themselves.

I said, no matter who was going to be their motivation they were champions already so they just had to relax, try their best and have fun. That was the last message.

At half time we had a 4-2 lead but we had lost to this team in league play with a 5-1 lead. Standing at the boards at half time waiting for me to say something the players started talking to each other. ‘We are going to win’, ‘focus on the things we can do’, ‘skate hard’, ‘shoot at the corners’, and ‘play the L’. I said go out and have fun.

At the team wind up our apprentice coach summed things up pretty good. You started out as 10 girls on opposite sides of the room and look at you now all together on the floor, happy with new friends and seated as a team… a City Championship team.

The year end card I got as a coach was full of thank you’s for ‘the best season that I have had’, ‘I learned a lot’ and ‘thanks I had a lot of fun’. The other coaches said it was great and they had learned too. The parents were even happy and socializing more than they ever had, it was contagious.

The on-line coaching really helped the girls become the best ringette player that was inside them. Thanks.

D’Arcy Bain Coach Sturgeon Creek –
Tween B Champions Winnipeg, Manitoba