I learned a rule in my second year of Junior AA that every ringette player should know.


“If you receive the ring over the offensive blue line, ALWAYS drive to the net.”

We call this rule, “Drive and Thrive.” You may not always shoot, but you should always drive to the net at top speed.

Here’s why:

Most players pick up the ring over the blue line and immediately slow down.

They skate in a big circle around the net and look to make a pass.

This is one of the nicest gifts you can possibly give the other team’s defense.

You give them a chance to set up their triangle, you lose your speed, and you are not a threat to score.

When you take your speed to the net, you make life difficult for the defense.

If you’re really quick, you may create a 2v1, a 1v1, or even a breakaway for yourself!

This is always a better scoring chance than shooting against a triangle.

By driving, you force the defense to channel you and honour you.

If your teammate can get open, you can dish the ring to her and set her up to cash in on a beautiful goal!

Check out this cool video tip of a player taking the ring to the net:

Remember, the rule is definitely not that the first player over the blue line always shoots.

There are many times when shooting is NOT a good option.

For example:

– When you are 1v2
– When the defence does a good job of channeling you to the
– If your team is winning and it’s close to the end of the game
– If your team has been in your own end for a long time and you
want to keep in the ring for awhile in the other team’s end

However, even if you don’t shoot, driving to the net with speed is the best play.

You will either create a great scoring chance for yourself or draw the defenders to you and set up a teammate.

Here’s a terrific drill that will help you always “Drive and Thrive”:

Let us know what you think.

Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey Van Roekel