A Key, Under-Used Play for Scoring Goals in Ringette

One of the most deadly plays you can use to score oodles of goals it to “exit and re-enter” the offensive zone when attacking a triangle.

In this play, the player without the ring exits and re-enters the zone, picks up a pass, and fires the ring into the net.

This play is effective because the attacking forward can pick up speed and create a great angle on the triangle to shoot from.

The defense will be unable to mark her and be standing there flat-footed as she comes in flying with the ring.

Check out these two clips:

Here are the keys to the “exit and re-enter” play:

  1. All players must be a threat to score (not just the ring carrier). The player re-entering the zone must always be ready for the pass and show her teammates she wants the ring. This will force the defenders to honour her.
  1. You need to make “just right” pass to your teammate re-entering the zone. This means you are passing so she can skate on to the ring without changing their speed.

If your teammate has to speed up to receive the ring when re-entering the zone, you’ve passed the ring “too early” and the other team will likely intercept the pass.

If your teammate has to slow down or stop and go back to receive the ring, you’ve passed the ring “too late” and the other team will likely steal the ring.

Here’s a great drill for your team to master a proper exit and re-enter play:

Try this and let us know what you think.
Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey van Roekel