By Lisa Brown

It’s not cool to talk about, and most athletes at ringette camps groan when they hear it but agility on your skates is definitely one of the most critical, and underrated, parts of being a fantastic ringette player.

That’s another way of saying that if you become a slightly better skater, you will become a much better ringette player.

I have two video clips to show you today. The first one is a simple technique you can use in practice to develop your agility by improving how well you skate on your inside edges. Click here to see it.

The second clip is a live ‘demo’ of Laura Warner using her inside edges to skate around the net and protect the ring easily–even with checkers on her. Notice how she is agile and quick on her inside edges as she wraps around the net. Click here for this video.

Your agility is often the difference between keeping the ring and getting checked and the difference between almost scoring and scoring. For the rest of the month, I want you to do the inside edges drill I showed you today for the first two minutes in practice. Stay low in the ‘toilet’ position and soon you’ll be a skating machine!

Light it up out there,
Lisa Brown