By Lisa Brown

If you’re like me, ringette tryouts make you nervous. They can be ESPECIALLY nerve-racking if you have a new coach or team to impress.

But, nerves can be a positive thing IF you know how to make them work for you. So I rounded up some good advice for you!

BARB BAUTISTA, forward on Team Canada Ringette and National Ringette League:

“I get nervous when I have to play with players I don’t know at ringette tryouts, because I can’t predict what they’re going to do on the ice. So I make a special effort to talk to the new players until I’m comfortable with them.”

LAURA WARNER, captain of Team Canada Ringette 2001-2007:

“If I don’t know the coach, I’m pretty disciplined about making sure I’m doing the little things right, like marking the other centre. This takes my mind off what the coach is thinking. I get into the game and my nerves fade away.”

LISA BROWN, three-time World Ringette Champion:

“To calm myself down, I prepare for each ice time by listening to music. I always listen to the same song from the movie Flashdance. I use this song because it says, ‘Take your passion and make it happen.’ I usually hit the ice pretty pumped up.”

Of course, the best advice of all is to have fun.