At any given time in the defensive triangle, each defender has a specific job. Each player remains in her area and plays one of three roles: “ring”, “support,” or “talk.”

We call this system “Angle the Triangle” because what you are doing is keeping a perfect angle on the ring carrier at all times so she cannot get a lane to the net.

1) “Ring”

This player puts pressure on the ring carrier by staying in front of her. She tries to prevent the ring carrier from shooting. She also tries to take away passing lanes by staying close to the ring carrier.

2) “Support”

This player supports the defender who is pushing out on the ring carrier. She stays close to the person pushing out on the ring and also remains at a bit of an angle to her.

3) “Talk”

This player remains near the middle of the ice in front of her own net. Her job is to talk and let the other defenders know where the offensive players are at all times. She also uses her stick to take away passing lanes and her body to defend against non ring carrier opponents.

Here’s a great drill for teaching and practicing the three roles in the defensive triangle:

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