“Too Early, Too Late, Just Right”

If you miss the ring, it’s because your timing is off.

You are either putting your stick down too early (and poking the ring) or too late (and missing the ring altogether).

To consistently pick up the ring with ease, you need to get your TIMING just right.

Remember the bedtime story Goldilocks and The Three Bears, when Goldilocks tries different bowls of porridge, chairs, and beds — and only finds the ‘just right’ one on the third try?

Practising your timing is the same. To begin: practice poking the ring on purpose (too soon), missing the ring on purpose (too late) and then stabbing the ring just right (putting your stick down at the right time).

Struggling to stab the ring is often the product of nerves or an inability to focus. By practicing “too soon”, “too late”, and “just right”, you will be able to zero in on your timing during a game and quickly identify why you’re missing the ring, if you are indeed missing it. Just telling yourself to “stab the ring” doesn’t work. You need a specific focus that will allow you to calm your nerves and zero in…

To see a video clip that explains it, click on the link “view” below:

Light it up out there,

Lisa B.