By Lisa Brown

Q. I’ve noticed that the best goal-scorers on the national ringette team can somehow score on a triangle by themselves. How can I do that, especially when I’m a small player?!?

A. Here’s my core secret for scoring on the defensive triangle. Don’t miss the video clip — watch it all the way to the end where I show you specific “moves” to steal and use for yourself!

Lisa Brown’s Secret for Scoring on the Triangle: Attack the Bottom Defender

As you know, most goals are scored from right on the crease – from the “hot spot”. To get to the hot spot, you have to get past the defence first.

The smartest way to do this is to pick one defensive player in the triangle and beat her.

Too many ringette forwards try to beat two or three defenders at a time – they attack the top of the defensive triangle or take turns circling around it.

Attacking the Triangle 1 versus 3

Your chances of scoring a goal using this strategy are very low.

The best goal scorers on the national ringette team attack low on the triangle. They pick one defence and try to beat her to the top of the crease.

Attacking the Low Defender

To do this, you’ll need to perfect a couple of “sniper moves” to help you get around the low defender in the triangle.

Click here to see examples of sniper moves from our How To Be A Ringette Star video… Watch Lisa Brown and Jodi Jensen very closely – what do they do to get to the front of the net?

Here is a great sniper move for you to start rehearsing in your mind today:

Deking Around the Low Defence

In this move, pretend you are going through the center and the defence. At the last minute, skate around the low defence only. When you deke around the low defence, you end up right in front of the net with only the goalie to beat.

The more often you get to this Hot Spot, the more goals you will score.

Visualize deking the defence at the bottom of the triangle and driving straight to the front of the net. When you play your next ringette game next season, you will naturally do this move – and watch your goal scoring balloon!

Light it up out there,

Lisa B.