By Lisa Brown

Q. I played in a ringette tournament last weekend and got crazy frustrated – the other team had scouted us and was really keying on me. I’m the team’s leading goal scorer and they constantly had one or two players on me. Is there some way I can still score when the other team’s triangle is totally focused on shutting me down?

A. Great question… and the answer is: yes! You can still dominate your ringette tournament even when the other team’s D is keying on you. Here’s a good lisa brown ringette tip for this:

1. First, trick them into thinking that you are going to focus on play-making instead of shooting. When you get into the other team’s end, drive to the net with the ring and make drop passes to your teammates…or make slip passes into the middle of the triangle to your teammates. These passes will create chances and lead to goals that game.

2. Watch for your chance to score. Observe the other team’s defenders and identify any defender who seems to be weak, having a bad game, or slightly out of position in the triangle.

3. When that player is in the triangle, isolate and drive only at her. This is called “isolating the low defender” and is the number one way of generating chances against a fully established defensive triangle. Click here to see where you cut in on the triangle because after you’ve been play-making for awhile, it will really surprise the defensive triangle. Try this Lisa Brown ringette tip and let us know what you think!

Check out this video clip of isolating the low defender: