By Lisa Lane Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey van Roekel

Want to score a bushel of goals and dominate?

Then try the Dynamic Offense. It’s potent because when running a Dynamic Offense, you and your teammates move with SPPED in the offensive end.

This sucks for defenders because you force the defender to move with you and ‘honour’ you.

They have to worry about the ring AND you.

One of the coolest plays in the Dynamic Offense is the drop pass.

The #1 key to a wicked drop pass is TIMING.

Every time you make this drop pass too soon or too late, you risk losing a killer scoring opportunity – and giving the ring to the other team.

Too Early, Too Late, or Just Right?

Just Right

A “just right” drop pass means that you drop the ring to a teammate who does not have change her speed at all.

Too Early

If your teammate has to speed up to receive the ring, you’ve dropped the ring too early, and the other team will likely intercept the pass.

Too Late

If your teammate has to slow down or stop and go back to receive the ring it means you’ve dropped the ring too late, and the other team will likely steal the ring.

Here are two excellent drills you can use to get your TIMING “just right”and master the drop pass.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. The goal of the ring carrier is to leave the ring at the pylon at a complete “stand still.” This will make it easiest for the receiver to pick up the ring.
  2. The ring carrier may try passing the ring in a forward motion as the “drop,” but the ring should not be passed in a forward motion. The ring carrier should simply be left at the target pylon for the receiver to skate on to it.
  3. The ring carrier should be a threat to score AND fake a pass before dropping the ring. Then, she should continue around the triangle as if the drop didn’t even happen!

Have fun with the drop pass, and let us know what you think.
Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey Van Roekel