Steal This Killer Ringette Team Breakout Pattern

Since ringette is a possession game, 50% of your success will come from having your breakout mastered. If your team can break out of your own end well, you will:

  • Maintain possession of the ring
  • Control the pace of the game
  • Create fast break opportunities and score goals

Here’s a killer breakout you can steal to help your team move the ring up the ice with ease. It’s called Power Left or Power Right.

Here’s how to execute Power Left:

Both defenders are going to the Left, the second one delaying about 1 second.

The center delays until the defenders have made their cuts and then cuts towards the goalie and to the right hand side. The forwards in this breakout are making lateral cuts.

Both forwards are starting on the ringette line. The forward that starts on the left hand side is cutting to the right and is an outlet if the center gets the ring; if the defender gets the ring she will be breaking up the ice into the offensive zone.

The forward that starts on the right sire cuts laterally along the blue line to receive a pass from the defender. Once she gets the ring she is looking for her forward partner that is breaking into the offensive end.

Here’s a simple drill you can use to practice Power Left:

Let us know what you think.

Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey Van Roekel