How to Use Spin to Win to Score Goals in Ringette

By Lisa Brown

The “Spin to Win” move is one of the Top Ten Goal-Scoring Strategies of All Time.

I don’t want to brag or puff myself up here, but I’ve scored more goals using Spin to Win than I can count

There are three reasons Spin to Win is so effective:

1) The goalie or defence cannot defend against it,

2) You can use it on a breakaway, against one defender in the triangle, on a 3 vs. 2, and during a 1 vs. 1 break on the net.

3) It’s super-easy to learn and does not require a slick wrist shot.

Check out the Spin to Win in the video clip. Note: the clip takes a little while to load. Be patient!

Here are the keys to the Spin to Win:

Backhand ShotAs the shooter, you must make sure you do NOT telegraph it. You must race the goalie to the far post as though you intend to shoot at the far side of the net (tuck it in between the goalie and the far post).

Only spin at the very last moment when the goalie goes with you all the way across the net.

You MUST read the goalie. If the goalie does not follow you across the net, then you don’t need to spin. Just shoot at the far side of the net before the goalie gets there!

When teaching Spin to Win to your team, simply ask your goalies to ‘mix it up’. Sometimes they should follow the ringette player all the way across the net; other times, they should stay more in the middle, anticipating the Spin to Win. Your players will have to ‘read’ the goalie in order to execute the Spin to Win perfectly.

Light it up out there,
Lisa B.