Without a doubt, skating is the master skill of ringette. If you become a slightly better skater, you will become a MUCH better ringette player.

This is also true for goalies.

As you perfect your basic stance, your t-pushing, your telescoping, and your shuffling, you will become formidable in the net.

We call become a great skater in the net, “Movement Improvement.” The better you skate, the better you move, and the better you save the ring.

The Shuffle

When you can shuffle across the net with authority and speed, you become lightening fast and tough to beat.

Shuffling starts by getting in a low, balanced position. Check out the basic stance:

With a low basic stance, you maximize your power and can easily move around the net.

When you shuffle, you keep your toe caps facing the shooter and pushes with your far leg to move in the opposite direction. Here’s what it looks like:

Watch as this goalie uses the shuffle step. Notice that she stays in a low position, keeps her upper body square to the shooter:

You will want to use the shuffle step as long as possible as it is the most solid position to be in. When you are using a shuffle step you can easily butterfly, and it is easier for you to keep you stick on the ice.

The key to the shuffle step is staying in that low, balanced position, and staying square to the shooter (keeping your shoulders and toe caps facing the ring).

Here is a terrific drill to use to practice your shuffle:

Try this today and let us know what you think.

Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey Van Roekel