by Lisa Lane Brown

To become a high scoring team, you need a TEAM offensive system.


Because most of the time you’ll be facing a defensive triangle defense, and you’ll need to BREAK it.

You do this by learning how to work together as a team to create amazing 2 on 1 and 1 on 1 offensive scoring chances, even against a triangle.

Here’s your first tip, which is part of the Quick Pass Offense we teach here.

The Quick Pass Offense

The Quick Pass Offense is a simple way to get the defense moving and out of position so you can create a quality scoring chance against the triangle.

There are three basic elements to this offense:

1. L-Support Positioning.

When you and your teammates use the L-support formation in the offensive zone, you create open passing lanes that are very difficult for the defense to intercept. This sets you up to initiate a game of “keep away” in which you are in control of the ring. The purpose of this is to get the defense to take the bait and try and get the ring.
The L Support formation looks like this:

2. Quick, Accurate Passes.

When you use the L support positioning and fakes to make quick, accurate passes to  your teammates in the offensive zone, it causes the defenders to get out of position.  The defenders will be running around trying to intercept passes and protect the   front of their net. Eventually, one of them will make a mistake and get out of  position. This is when you pounce on their mistake and take a smart shot!

3. Smart Shooting.

Once you have one defender out of position, you can either take a quick shot before she recovers or drive right around her to the hot  spot, where your chances of scoring are sky high. The key is to be ready to shoot, to know how to get right to the hot spot, and to  know your shooting angles so you select the best hole in the net to shoot on.

Check out the clips below to see a quick pass followed by a smart shot:





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Your friends,
Lisa Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey van Roekel.