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How To Improve Your Skating Stops and Starts in Ringette Using These Key Drills

Your first job is to train your body to get into your most balanced and powerful position. Too...

How To Create High Energy Ringette Practices

Here are four easy ways to create super-intense, high-energy practices that will pump up players....

What Skills Should U10 Coaches Be Teaching?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the coach of U7 or U10 athletes is introducing the...

A Must-Have Weapon for Ringette Defenders

Stepping Up in the Defensive Triangle By Laura Warner Did you know that "stepping up" in the triangle can prevent dozens of goals over the course of a season? Stepping up in the triangle is what a defender must do when an offensive player tries to drive around the...

How to Magnetically Attract the Ring

By Lisa Brown Have you ever noticed that some ringette players are ring magnets? They always have the ring, and everyone wants to give them the ring. To be a ringette ring magnet, you must be a smart player. You must learn little known tricks to keep the ring even in...

How to Channel Perfectly in a Small Space

A defender`s job when playing one versus one is to channel. Channeling is what you do when you try to force an opponent away from the front of your own net. Sometimes defenders have to channel for a long time (from the blue line all the way in on a fast break) and...

How To Be A Fierce Checking Machine in Ringette

Perfect Gap Control While Forechecking By Lisa Brown If you're smart about gap control when forechecking, you'll become a fierce checking machine. To steal the ring 1 vs. 1, you'll want to carefully control the gap - how much space there is between you and the ring...

How to Deliver A Devastating Sweep Check

By Laura Warner The sweep check is pretty sweet... but it’s tricky. I can still remember the first time I did a successful sweep check at ringette camp. Check out Team Canada Ringette star Colleen Hagan doing a wicked demo of it. But when you do, notice the fine...

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