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How To Improve Your Skating Stops and Starts in Ringette Using These Key Drills

Your first job is to train your body to get into your most balanced and powerful position. Too...

How To Create High Energy Ringette Practices

Here are four easy ways to create super-intense, high-energy practices that will pump up players....

What Skills Should U10 Coaches Be Teaching?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the coach of U7 or U10 athletes is introducing the...

How to Use the Drop Pass to Score Goals in Ringette

By Lisa Lane Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey van Roekel Want to score a bushel of goals and dominate? Then try the Dynamic Offense. It’s potent because when running a Dynamic Offense, you and your teammates move with SPPED in the offensive end. This sucks for defenders...

How to Win Ringette Games Using the Dynamic Offense

A hugely effective way to break the triangle defense in ringette is to use the Dynamic Offense. In the Dynamic Offense, you are also creating amazing 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 scoring chances on a triangle. However, you’re doing it by moving YOURSELVES in the offensive zone,...

Ringette Scoring | Ringette Game

Your team should have a set break-out or break-outs that you run. The point of a break-out is to make sure your team can actually get the ring up the ice more often than not. Also, ideally, your break-outs should create fast break scoring chances.

How to Score on the Triangle by Yourself

By Lisa Brown Q. I've noticed that the best goal-scorers on the national ringette team can somehow score on a triangle by themselves. How can I do that, especially when I'm a small player?!? A. Here's my core secret for scoring on the defensive triangle. Don't miss...

How to Channel in Ringette: Drive Forwards Crazy

Your job as a ringette defender when playing one versus one is to "channel". Channeling is what you do when you try to force an opponent away from the front of your own net. Too many athletes get burnt 1 v. 1 because they keep the wrong amount of space between them...

Agility Will Rock Your Ringette World

By Lisa Brown It's not cool to talk about, and most athletes at ringette camps groan when they hear it but agility on your skates is definitely one of the most critical, and underrated, parts of being a fantastic ringette player. That's another way of saying that if...

Turn Yourself Into a Ringette Ring Magnet

And set yourself up for breakaways more often By Laura Warner If you`d like to turn yourself into a genuine ring magnet, I`ve got great news for you. There`s a foolproof way to make yourself irresistible to the ring carrier. The Truth About Getting Open for the Ring...

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