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Free Ringette Tips by Lisa Brown

How to Use the Drop Pass to Score Goals in Ringette

By Lisa Lane Brown, Laura Warner, and Abbey van Roekel Want to score a bushel of goals and dominate? Then try the Dynamic Offense. It’s potent because when running a Dynamic Offense, you and your teammates move with SPPED in the offensive end. This sucks for defenders...

Ringette Scoring | Ringette Game

Your team should have a set break-out or break-outs that you run. The point of a break-out is to make sure your team can actually get the ring up the ice more often than not. Also, ideally, your break-outs should create fast break scoring chances.

How to Score on the Triangle by Yourself

By Lisa Brown Q. I've noticed that the best goal-scorers on the national ringette team can somehow score on a triangle by themselves. How can I do that, especially when I'm a small player?!? A. Here's my core secret for scoring on the defensive triangle. Don't miss...

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