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How To Create High Energy Ringette Practices

on Nov 05 in Coaching tagged by

Here are four easy ways to create super-intense, high-energy practices that will pump up players. 1. Severely limit the amount of time you spend talking. Sport is not for talking. It’s a “see and do” activity. Most coaches take 5 minutes to explain a drill…while the players are twirling in the corner. At ringette camp, […]

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What Skills Should U10 Coaches Be Teaching?

on Oct 12 in Coaching tagged by

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the coach of U7 or U10 athletes is introducing the wrong skills – skills that are too advanced or teaching too many skills at once. We recommend that you teach the following skills: Skating Passing Lead Passing Shooting Ring Protection Checking Over the course of the […]


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#1 Rule for Creating Sweet Scoring Chances in Ringette

on Dec 18 in Goal Scoring tagged by

I learned a rule in my second year of Junior AA that every ringette player should know. Ready? “If you receive the ring over the offensive blue line, ALWAYS drive to the net.” We call this rule, “Drive and Thrive.” You may not always shoot, but you should always drive to the net at top […]


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The Keys to Perfect Positioning in the Net – for Ringette Goalies

on Dec 18 in Goalie Tips tagged by

The Keys to Perfect Positioning in the Net – for Ringette Goalies As a goalie, you need to find the “sweet spot” in your net – how far out can you challenge the shooter? If you are too far OUT of the net, the shooter can easily deke you out of position. If you are […]


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